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is focused on serving by global product distribution. Our direct contact with retailers, distributors and independent agents throughout the world has allowed us to excel in our field by offering our clients a cost-effective and expeditious one-stop-shop.
The company specializes in export of beef, pork, poultry, seafood, frozen vegetables, and other frozen food products. In addition, operations of the company also include a selection of dry foods and non-foods products such as, cooking oils, sauces, canned meats, canned vegetables and fruits, dry pasta, rice, baking products, condiments, spices, cereals, sugars and sugar substitutes. Under the non-foods category, we offer a selection of equipment and tabletop items including aluminum foil, table accessories, table covers, cutlery, bar supplies, food storage containers, cleaning supplies, toilet tissue, paper towels, sanitizing wipes, and other disposable items. We export to over 30 markets worldwide and cater to both, retail and food service industries. Our largest markets are South America, Central America, and Caribbean . SeaSun International, Inc. maintains their product inventories in prime warehouses all around the country. These facilities comply with all federal regulations and requirements, and they have been strategically selected to meet the best logistic shipping points for our clients. Details about our product lines can be found under the product page or by contacting a sales representative.
We welcome you and look forward to servicing you as we establish a mutually profitable relationship with your company.
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